Project Update for the week ending Sunday, 11 April 2021:

Please accept my apology for lack of update last week; I took the weekend off for my birthday.

– Weekly Progress:
– – Renamed all audio files for easy reference
– – Recorded ‘Episode Zero’
– – Started transcribing episodes (Special thanks to Rich from lovely Cleveland)

– Next Steps:
– – Finish ‘Episode Zero’ for the RSS feed
– – Complete metadata tags for remaining episodes (this will be an ongoing process)
– – – If you would like to assist in updating the metadata, follow this link to a Google Sheet that has all that we have tracked down

– Volunteer Opportunities:
– – Wee need artwork for the site. Original and/or derivative works welcome. Once a primary logo is chosen, we will change the website to match the color theme.
– – – Send to
– – We are looking for people to put the finishing touches on transcriptions.
– – – Point of Contact (POC) is @ethancaine
– – We need people experienced in wiki usage to update the wiki (, especially in regards to the first 100 episodes
– – – Point of Contact (POC) is @ethancaine
– – We are looking to gather any and all photos from Buzz Out Loud meet ups, live shows, and other events to add to the archive
– – – Send to